Legal Services

Legal Services Guild

Having recently qualified as a Barristers Intermediary with the above company we have massively expanded the work we can assist with.

Most legal work you can think of can be quoted for and processed through us.

Criminal, Commercial, Family are all covered, we just need some basic details to obtain a recommended barrister, and either a quote or price guide.

We can directly quote and start the process with domestic conveyancing (with complete protection from costs should a deal fail for no fault of your own (T & C apply)

Similarily we can undertake Legacy Planning, leading to advice and potential wills, trusts (of various types) and Lasting Powers of Attorney, with the final plan and documents being overseen by a barristers chambers.

The last two products come with some innovative insurance products attaching which should make, what is already a cost effective and quality product, one of the best solutions available.

The legacy Plan

The approach is very different form many on the market.  We first identify the family wealth including potential wealth (inheritances, insurance and pension pay outs).  We then review your needs and wishes, your worries, objectives and hopes for the family.  It is only at this point that the word will comes into the conversation.

The questions above provide a route to a series of solutions which we will then discuss with you, together with a price list.  Either you can go away with free advice about altering or reviewing some of your affairs (ensuring life insurances etc are appropriately in trust for the correct people, so that monies do not end up in your estate is an obvious example).  Or you can purchase various packages, and additional products to obtain the results you specified above.

If you cannot, or do not want to pay for the largest package to meet all your needs, paying for a lesser package fixes the price for an upgrade at a later date as and when you might wish to move things further forward.